About Our Group

We are Group with diversified Business Interest in Manufacturing, Export & Import, Information & Technology, Retail & E-Commerce, Data Centers, Media Streaming, News & Entertainment and Energy Sector.

In Energy Sector we are  fastest growing Indian Startup with following Business Associates

    • Energy Saving LED Lights
    • Solar PV Power Projects
    • Solar Power Pumps
    • Solar Power Parks: Infrastructure Development for Solar Power
    • Electricity Storage: Lithium and Super Capacitor Batteries 
    • Nuclear Power: Micro/Small  Reactor for Power
    • Hydrogen Production and Hydrogen Fuel Cells

In Energy Sector, we successfully complete; 1,000 MW Solar PV Power Project’s documentation & consultancy works, 350+ Rooftop Systems Installation, 100+ Solar Powered Water Pump Installation and 10,000+ LED & Solar Lights Installation.

About ReFillEV.Com

As The Government of India pushing up use of Electrical Vehicles, We @ ReFillEV.Com is Strategic Planning and Implementing;

    • Publicly available EV CHARGING STATION AND EV BATTERY SWAPPING STATION @ every 25 Km Distance, All Over India.
    • Installing Solar Power Projects to generate required Energy for Battery Charging. 
    • Solar Energy is primary Source and Grid Energy is Secondary Source for all ReFillEV Charging Stations.
    • Establishing Lithium and Super Capacitor Battery Manufacturing 
    • Batteries, Charging Equipments, Swapping Tools, other hardware equipped with latest technology like GPS, RFID and specially developed Semi Conductor Chips for managing battery charging, tracing, managing and monitoring its life, guarantee etc…
    • The Management Software developing with AI and IOT technology support.
    • We have set a target of installing 1,00,000 EV Charging Stations and Battery Swapping Stations by 2026.

Our team of tecchnical experts, talking with all major EV Manufacturers for jointly development of detachable batteries for their EV. 

Our Culture

Re-Fill EV Culture
  • Everyone in Re-Fill EV; customers, Business Partners, Employees, third-party service providers and others – have an Equal Opportunity to prosper.
  • Our success and rapid growth is built on the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, and an unwavering focus on meeting the needs of our customers.
  • We believe that a strong sense of shared values enables us to make a better Corporate Culture, no matter how large we grow.

Core Value

Re-Fill EV Core Value
  • Our Customers
  • Our Employees
  • Our Business Partners
  • Our Share Holders & Investors
  • All Other Vendors and Supporters
  • Our Business & Social Network
  • Our Ethics for Business
  • Our Experience


Re-Fill EV Mission

Provide easy access to Electric Vehicle Charging and EV Battery Swapping in India with covering all major National Highways, State Highways, Express ways and other roads by setting up 1,00,000+ Charging and Swapping Outlets.


Re-Fill EV Vision

Become a leading EV Fuel Provider in India by Providing easy access to Charge EV and Swap Battery to its customer and Equal Opportunity and Growth provider for its Business Partners, Employees, Third Party Service Providers and all others.


Re-Fill EV Corporate Spirit
  • Only a person who thinks he can do it will make it. If you doubt it, you will only do it to that extent. If you think you can’t do it, you won’t be able to do it at all.
  • Success is State of Mind, if you want success, Start Thinking of yourself as a Success.
  • You don’t build a Business. You Build Peoples and then Peoples Build a Business.

Message from CEO Desk

Competition in the industry is expected, and is probably certain, to intensify in the upcoming time, as the business and market environment is centered around the concept of competitiveness, That is why we are convinced that a company without a strong competitive advantage will not be able to compete, let alone survive. To help respond effectively to this challenging market and business environment and to maintain a solid competitive edge into upcoming time, We are gradually implementing a variety of strategies. Drawing on expertise gained from experience.

We are now concentrating on In-House Research and Development, Manufacturing,  Global Sourcing and improving competitive edge by using innovative technology, reducing costs and improving quality of products and services with cherished motto ‘Take extra steps and satisfy the customer

S. Kumar – CEO
December – 2021

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